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Maternal Health literacy pilot project in Kochi, Kerala (India)

Established in response to a request from a local NGO, Birth for Change (BfC), the project will aim to address maternal health problems of women living in urban slum areas of Kochi. It will also seek to gain evidence of the impact on participating individuals of a programme of specific health literacy information/education interventions, including their continued participation in the programme and their perceptions and behaviour in connection with alcohol use, diet, menstruation and birth practices. 

It will also try to differentiate the impact on participation between individuals where dietary supplements and inducements of other kinds are offered alongside the education programme.

In addition, a more extensive survey will establish a baseline situation assessment, covering a variety of aspects of behaviour and treatment concerning women’s reproductive and maternal health.

The project is being carried out as a partnership between Birth for Change (BfC) and NIDA. BfC will deliver the education interventions in a health clinic set up in the slum area, initially, for the duration of the project. The pilot is co-funded by Hardie Wren Development Initiatives (HWDI).


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