Network for Information and Digital Access



Many more people are able to access, produce and disseminate the information they require for equitable and sustainable development.


NIDA has worked with colleagues and partners around the world to promote and stimulate access and effective utilisation of information and knowledge.

NIDA grew out of an e-network of project partners across the globe. In the early 2000s a small secretariat was formed to coordinate efforts in country-wide research and share information of interesting initiatives in access to and utilisation of ICT that bore potential for adaptation and replication. A request for advice in library and information policy from the Ministry of Education in Namibia led to research into best practice, including development of both Sector Assessment and Economic Analysis frameworks, which gained recognition and use globally.

More recently, NIDA undertook pioneering studies in science and health literacies following a request from the Evergreen Education Foundation.  From 2017 - 2020 a research study provided a synthesis of what is already known about the impact of a wide range of delivery approaches and methods and, inter-alia, examined good practice in impact evaluation methodology. This work has continued to attract interest. Through continued strengthening of capacity and dissemination of results we trust that lessons learnt will lead to increased partnerships and practical activities between country stakeholders, programmes and all interested agencies.

NIDA’s activities may be coming to a natural closure. A Web presence will be maintained for the research projects to ensure that links to reports and outcomes will be available to those who continue to be interested. The social media pages will remain available for you to continue sharing updates of your work. The outgoing Advisory team would like to thank all those who have contributed to the network, to programmes and to activities.