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Kamran Naim, Executive Director

Kamran Naim.jpgIn his career as global program director, government adviser, and advocate for open access Kamran has worked to design, manage and implement projects for USAID, CRDF Global, The World Bank and The National Academies, among others. He has consulted extensively with foreign and domestic government agencies - including with the White House and U.S. Department of the State - to implement programs to promote diplomacy through scientific cooperation, as well supporting research capacity building in disadvantaged communities across the Middle East, North- and sub-Saharan Africa.

In his primary role as Director of Partnerships and Initiatives for the non-profit publisher Annual Reviews, he works to advance the organization’s mission to synthesize and integrate knowledge for the progress of science and the benefit of society through a broad range of strategic initiatives. In his academic career at the Stanford University Graduate School of Education he explores new mechanisms and business models to expand equitable global access to scientific information, and as an educator has designed curricula in information literacy and instructed a number of classes at the intersection of science, technology and public policy.

Kamran has advanced his interests in global health through teaching students on the design of effective research-based interventions through social entrepreneurship models, and serves as a strategic advisor to TeachAids, an organization the works in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control and Stanford University to increase global access to education and technology resources to tackle some of the world’s most challenging public health concerns.

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