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Access Agriculture

Coordinating Organisation Access Agriculture
Organisers/Type of Organisation NGO
Initiative Type Farmer to Farmer Training Videos in local languages
Field of Science Involved Agriculture, Agro-ecology, Climate Change, Rural Livelihoods, Nutrition, Food Processing, Sustainable Land Management, Livestock Rearing
Target Audience(s) Farmers, Farmer Organisations, Extension Services (Public, private, NGO), Development Organisations, Higher Education
Reach Global to local using international and local languages

Main Objectives

To reach farmers with quality “farmer to farmer” training videos in local languages.  The videos are made by our partners with good research, planning and scripting and are easy to follow with just one or two training points per programme.  There is a livelihoods approach so that smallholder farmers can learn from others and true South to South Communication can take place.

Description of work

Started in 2012, Access Agriculture ( now has around 200 videos available with more than 75 languages being used.  The main website is in English, French and Spanish and there are plans for it to be translated to Arabic, Bangla and Hindi. Farmers can register and download the videos for free.  Radio Stations can download the soundtracks and easy to follow Fact Sheets can also be downloaded.

DVD distribution will still be important and there is a Solar Powered Smart Projector for the areas where there are challenges of electricity, phone signal and internet connectivity.

For other videos Agtube has been established ( where agricultural videos can be uploaded and shared.    


More than 42 million farmers have seen Access Agriculture videos through TV transmissions, more than 800,000 through village video screenings and more than 700,000 through DVD distribution.

More than 50% of the people registering on the website are now farmers.

The impact of Access Agriculture’s work has just been recognised by the Belgian Government and Development Community with the award “i Stand Out” at the Digital for Development Prize at the Museum for Central Africa at the beginning of October 2018.

Access Agriculture works in Africa, South Asia and Latin America through a network of practical partners who are interacting with smallholder farmers on a daily basis.

Resources used or generated

All of the training videos are freely available on together with stories from the field, written by MSc and PhD students and results of surveys of how the videos have been used. Other resources and references are also listed there.

Contact Details
Principal Contact Dr Florent Okry – Interim Executive Secretary
e-mail Florent Okry
Social Media Facebook - AccessAgriculture
Twitter - @AccessAgric
YouTube - Access Agriculture

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