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Pueblo Science

Coordinating Organisation Pueblo Science, Canada
Organisers/Type of Organisation Registered charity
Initiative Type Resources for science educators, training to teachers and educators in local and international programs, and science outreach events leading to science literacy
Field of Science Involved Sciences including biology, chemistry, material science, physics, engineering, and robotics
Target Audience(s) Community, youth, schools, teachers in low-resource countries, and local Ministries of Education
Reach Global

Main Objectives

To advance science education across the world and create lasting solutions to poverty

Description of work

Founded in 2010 by scientists and engineers, Pueblo Science is a registered charity working to advance science education across the globe and therefore improve science literacy. It has developed a combination of local and international programmes designed to engage children and spark their interest in science through active, hands-on learning, discovery, experimentation, and problem-solving. In Canada, Pueblo Science leads community outreach events and youth science camps to foster and develop young people's enthusiasm for science, such as ‘Science in the Community’, robotics competitions, and science festivals. Abroad, it runs multi-day training camps and workshops for science teachers in low-resource communities on integrating hands-on experiments into their own classrooms, using locally available and affordable materials.

Pueblo Science also builds collaboration with local Ministries of Education to improve their science curricula and runs volunteer programmes locally and internationally. In Canada, volunteers have the opportunity to engage with the community in and around Toronto by bringing interactive science demonstrations to libraries, community centers, and street festivals. In various international locations, Pueblo Science has as a well-developed activity ‘Rural Initiatives in Science Education’ (RISE), in which instructors deliver science training to science teachers in low-resource communities.


Resources used or generated 

Pueblo Science shares science demonstrations and science experiments on a YouTube channel.

Contact Details
Principal Contact Mayrose Salvador, Executive Director
Address 60 St. George Street, Suite 331, Toronto, ON M5S 1A7
e-mail [email protected]
Social Media Facebook - PuebloScience
Twitter - @puebloscience
Instagram - @puebloscience

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