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Native Scientist

Coordinating Organisation Native Scientist, United Kingdom
Organisers/Type of Organisation Non-profit
Initiative Type ´Science+language’ educational workshops for school pupils and webinar trainings on science outreach for scientists
Field of Science Involved All different fields, from social to natural sciences
Target Audience(s) Educational workshops: migrant pupils aged 6-12 years old or 12-17 years old.
Webinar trainings: international scientists aged 20-40 years old
Reach Europe-wide

Main Objectives

Native Scientist is an award-winning non-profit enterprise that aims at promoting cultural diversity in science and education. The role modelling educational programme consists of delivering ‘Science+Language’ workshops that bring together migrant pupils and scientists of the same heritage language. Since its foundation in 2013, 150+ workshops have been organised, reaching over 3000 pupils and creating a network of 800 international scientists dedicated to improving science and language education.

Description of work

Each workshop lasts 1.5-hours and runs in a speed-dating format. They bring together 4 or 5 scientists who talk about and demonstrate their work to a group of 20-25 pupils aged between 6 and 12 years old or 12 and 17 years old. The workshops are specially designed to target pupils who speak a different language at home and in school. They help pupils realise their full potential while developing their language skills and science knowledge. They are a great opportunity to meet role models, raise aspirations and reinforce a positive attitude towards science and towards the heritage language.


The initial efforts to capture the impact of the workshops shows that: 

Teachers often praise the work of Native Scientist, as shown below: “Our students thoroughly enjoyed the Native Scientist workshop, including those who can be a bit reluctant to learn. I was very impressed with the design of the workshop, as well as the skills of the scientists in engaging our students in their research.” 

Resources used or generated 

Resources are individually prepared, tailored specifically for each experience.

Contact Details
Principal Contact Joana Moscoso
e-mail Joana Moscoso
Social Media Facebook - @nativescientist1
Twitter - @NativeScientis1
YouTube - NativeScientistTV

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