Network for Information and Digital Access

Digital Green

Community based video
production of best practices
for agriculture - pictured here -
making of organic fertilizer
Community based videos
are disseminated by a trained
mediator also from the
Digital Green is also using
mobile based services like
SMS, IVR and smartphone
applications to make actionable
information available to farmers
Video dissemination in
Jharkhand, India about the
importance of dietary diversity
for pregnant and lactating
Coordinating Organisation Digital Green, India, Ethiopia & USA
Organisers/Type of Organisation NGO providing Integrated Technology Services for Government Extension and Advisory Services
Initiative Type Evidence based ICT approach for Agricultural Extension & Advisory Services
Field of Science Involved Sustainable Agriculture, Climate resilience, maternal & child health
Target Audience(s) Smallholder farming communities, Government agriculture and health extension agents
Reach Global

Main Objectives

To empower smallholder farmers to lift themselves out of poverty using the collective power of technology and grassroots partnerships.

Description of work

Digital Green (DG) is a non-governmental organization with the mission to empower smallholder farmers to lift themselves out of poverty by harnessing the power of technology and grassroots level partnerships. They work with local communities through their partnership model, in which the capacities of the public and private sector partners are built to use ICT-enabled extension approach for amplifying their reach and increasing the effectiveness, with the aim of enabling smallholder farmers to increase their yield and income. 

DG has developed a suite of open source tools, including an online video library, MIS, analytics dashboard, virtual training institute etc., which can be utilized for content, data and performance management by the organizations. They are creating enabling infrastructure and environment for large government and private extension organizations working with smallholder farmers to move towards ICT- enabled extension. DG is also at the forefront of developing ‘FarmStack’, an integrated digital platform which envisions combining efforts of various organizations using a shared and open data infrastructure to provide better, precise and timely services for rural communities to increase their incomes. 


Contact Details
Principal Contact Dr. Namita Singh, PhD, Lead - Asia Program and Business Development
e-mail Namita Singh
Social Media Facebook - Digital Green Org
Twitter - @digitalgreenorg
Instagram - @digitalgreenorg
YouTube - digitalgreenorg

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